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ClickFunnels vs GetResponse: Deeply Analyzed and Features Compared9 min read

In this post today I am going to do a comparison between these two giants: ClickFunnels vs GetResponse, and at the end of this post, you’ll be in a better position to decide which one (or both) fits your marketing needs.

Years back, there was a time when small businesses have to be fully dependent upon someone who is professional in email marketing and sales funnel building. And what is not liked by most of the owners was to pay a high amount to these professionals. But in recent years things have changed with time. Now, in spite of relying on someone, there are many online platforms to help you create a successful sales funnel.

Two of the many leading platforms are ClickFunnels and GetResponse. Both the platforms come with different features and to choose which one is best for you, depends upon your requirements. Both platforms have replaced older modes of marketing such as TV ads, banners, posters, etc. 


Definition: ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse

ClickFunnels is an online software tool that allows you to increase conversion rate and to drag your customers again to you by creating a sales funnel. So it’s basically an easy funnel builder. A wide range of layouts and designs are available by which you can easily create funnel templates and customize it in your way.

ClickFunnels was created by Russell Brunson in 2014 at a time when building beautiful landing pages wasn’t possible without coding. ClickFunnels solved this issue and became one of the most popular platforms with an easy to use builder.

On the other hand, GetResponse is an email marketing software platform that allows small businesses to increase traffic, boost sales, and generate more leads. GetResponse was once mainly an email marketing software but now it has grown into a powerful tool for making landing pages, conducting webinars, email automation, funnel building, and so on. It was founded in 1998.

Features Comparison

ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse – comparing both is not easy. Both software is used to support the sales funnel and is very much similar in features. That’s why I thought to break it down into a simple and understandable way. 

GetResponse’s focus lies in email marketing solutions while ClickFunnels’ most focus is on building landing pages. Both are important aspects of the sales funnel. Have a look at this features comparison table:

Landing PageYesYes
Email AutomationYesYes
WebinarsYes (Integrations with 3rd party apps available too)Yes
Custom DomainsYesYes
A/B TestingYesYes
Operating SystemWeb-basedWeb-based, iOS, Android
Share Your FunnelsYesNA
Optin FunnelsYesOnly opt-in forms available
Funnel TemplatesYesNA

Note: Both GetResponse & ClickFunnels can be integrated together.

Key Benefits in Brief: ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse


ClickFunnels provides you different kinds of features like email integration, customer order pages, upsell down-sell pages, sharing of templates, free trial, shopping cart, backpack affiliate program. Let’s check it out in brief.

ClickFunnels 14 day Free Trial
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Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels offers you to make a particular layout and format. You can choose your own color, text size, format, margins, etc. Advance elements are also there like pricing table, SMS registration, and countdown timer. It offers mainly four types of funnel which are lead funnel, sales funnel, event funnel, membership funnel.

Drag and Drop Facility

Customization of drag and drop editor is one thing going to impress you because by this you can easily drag and drop elements just by moving your mouse. This unique feature saves you time and effort.


Isn’t it great to learn and know every small thing of ClickFunnels? The founder of the ClickFunnels has included so many videos that teach you about customizing and optimizing your funnel in a simple and easy way.


GetResponse Features
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Let’s talk about some of the unique features of GetResponse. 

Email Templates and Landing Pages

It offers you a wide range of options for email templates and landing pages templates. In just a few minutes you can create an effective and responsive email. One more important feature is email analytics by which statistics can be easily tracked.

Webinars and Autoresponders

Autoresponders is a service by which subscribers will get automated follow-up emails. You can also schedule your email. One of the most unique features of GetResponse is webinars. Webinars can be easily hosted here and this is one of the best ways to make your customers learn. Don’t you think it is the best way to interact with your valuable customers? In webinars screen sharing, call to action, whiteboard, and polls and surveys are also available.

Split Testing

This feature helps you to test and compare at least 5 emails in one place. It can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the email. By analyzing the results of split tests you can understand which campaign or funnel is performing best. You can then emphasize it even more.

Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms are a great way to get email addresses of your customers and potential buyers. Opt-in forms are presented to visitors on the landing page or product page with just a simple pop-up form.

Working: ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse

The basic function of ClickFunnels is to make landing pages by which you drag your customer towards your products. It comes with a 14-day free trial which is like extra cheese on your pizza. Once you register yourself, your free trial starts. It provides some integration platforms which help in accepting payments and enhance the lead capturing ability.

GetResponse helps all those small businesses, one who wants to automate their business and who wants to generate more leads. As we have discussed it was once an email marketing platform that has recently entered in funnel building. You can create email campaigns as a part of your funnel and direct your audience in extras and offers. Use automation and your email will reach all your audience with your effort only once.

Plans & Pricing: ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse


ClickFunnels comes up with three plans other than a 14-day free trial version to try out: 

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans
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It costs $97 per month in which you are provided with 100 pages, 20 funnels with 20000 visitors per month.


This plan of ClickFunnels costs $297 per month. It lets you create unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, unlimited follow-up funnels with priority in chat support.

2 Comma Club X

The most expensive plan for ClickFunnels costs about $2,497 per month. Other than all Platinum features you get VIP phone support, more domains, and payment gateways options.


GetResponse offers four plans which are basic, plus, professional, and max. All plans come with a 30 days free trial and you don’t need a credit card for it.

GetResponse Pricing Plan
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It costs only $15 per month. It includes features like email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, sales funnel, and Facebook ads.


Plus plan comes with a price tag of $49 per month and the features you are going to get with this plan are automation builder, webinars (max 100), work together (3 users), webinar funnel (5 funnels), contact scoring, and tagging. It is the most popular and recommended plan to go with.


You have to pay $99 per month to opt for this plan. This amazing plan offers you a wide range of services like unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, unlimited sales funnel, unlimited webinar funnel, and on-demand webinars.


This plan is fully personalized and flexible and comes with custom pricing which you can choose according to yourself by getting a quote. It’s an advanced platform with features like transactional emails, dedicated support, dedicated IP address, single sign-on (SSO), email campaign consulting and deliverability consulting.

Pros & Cons: ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse



  • Simple to use
  • Developing your funnel plan
  • All-in-one system
  • Easy data tracking
  • Tutorials videos


  • Zero page ownership
  • No blog functionality
  • Closed source



  • User friendly and easy to use
  • List building
  • Email and funnel builder
  • Analytics are helpful
  • Opt-in forms


  • No tutorial videos
  • Customer service support

Conclusion: Which one between ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse?

If you ask me, I’d definitely recommend going with ClickFunnels. Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse are great tools for funnel building. See, to be very honest if you are looking to build a sales funnel only, then no doubt Clickfunnel is a good option to go with. But if your sole focus is only email marketing, then GetResponse is for you. To get the juice of both, ClickFunnels is the best.

Basically both have their strengths and weaknesses. You are required to have a little knowledge about technical things in the case of ClickFunnels but on the other hand, GetResponse is for beginners and requires no technical knowledge. ClickFunnels does not have support for mobile platforms, but GetResponse can be accessed on the mobile platform via their apps.

As both the platforms come up with a free trial – ClickFunnels (14 days free trial) and GetResponse (30 days free trial). So if you are confused, I would recommend trying the trial version of both the platforms and then decide which platform is suitable for you. 

Let me know what you tried from these two products and what did you like about them in the comments.

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