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Constant Contact Black Friday Deals (2020)3 min read

A few years back, I remember how businesses had to hire a professional for email marketing and had to pay a hefty amount to them. But with changing times now it’s been easy and simple. There are many software available by which emails can be automated and today we will specifically check Constant Contact and weigh its features. 

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Constant Contact : Key Features in Brief

Let’s study some of the unique features of Constant Contact. 

Email Templates and Landing Pages

Constant Contact comes with 100 in-built email templates which make your task pretty easy. You can simply customize and design it according to yourself. It also allows you to check its preview so that you can see how it would look like when being opened by one of your audience. 

Autoresponders and Social Media Integration

Imagine you are busy with your work and someone has just then signed up to your newsletter. So, to make it convenient, it allows you to make a series of emails once and it will be sent automatically when someone responds (sings up) to your newsletter. Autoresponders are the best way to schedule your email. Once a user responds, it will automatically send an automated email to the user. 

Constant Contact allows you limited automation options and you get its premium features only with the advance plan. But here you are going to get great features by which you can share your newsletter to social media within a few clicks.

Split Testing

When it comes to this feature like A/B testing and landing pages, Constant Contact scores well.. Let me tell you about split testing. This feature helps you to test and compare emails. It can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the email. By analyzing the results of split tests you can understand which campaign or funnel is performing best. You can then emphasize it even more. And after finalizing you can simply apply it.

Reporting Tools and Analytics

You need to track your progress and by this tool, you can check your engagement and check the analytics of your marketing. This will help you out to grow further 

And when we talk about Constant Contact, you get just some basic analytics like most engaged subject lines, unsubscribes, bounce rate, click-through rate, and demographics of contacts.

Opt-in forms

In Constant Contact, it is named as sign-up form. Here it seems a clean and tidy way that doesn’t show popup again and again and the user doesn’t get frustrated.

Contact Management

Managing contacts is a big task and needs a lot of effort. But here Constant Contact has a powerful system that allows you to customize your contact list. It also made exporting and importing softly. Even you can easily remove unwanted contacts plus features like add custom fields and tag contacts are also available. 

Customer Support Service

We see the toughest competition when talking about the customer support of E-mail service providers.

Constant Contact doesn’t provide support in languages other than English, it does so well with what they’re providing – in terms of response time, solving issues, helpful responses, etc.

Overall, Constant Contact is the winner with many positive reviews from the customers and reviewers

 Save up to 40% off Now on Constant Contact Plans!

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