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Create a Ecommerce Website Using WordPress in a snap9 min read



Do you want to create an Ecommerce Website using WordPress? An Ecommerce  website allows users to buy products that you upload on your website.

It allows you to make money by selling your products on your website. 

In this article, we will show you how to easily create e-commerce website using WordPress with Artra theme without spending thousands of dollars. Here is preview how the website looks:

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What do you need to start Ecommerce using WordPress

First, you need to make sure that you are using the right website platform, and since you’re reading this article, you’re in the right place. You need following for E-commerce Website:

A domain name (For example, ravibandaru.com)

Web hosting account (This is where your website’s files are stored)

SSL Certificate (To securely accept online payments)

WooCommerce (best WordPress eCommerce addon)

If you want to create a website, you’ll need a domain name and hosting plan. I use and recommend Siteground as they are one of the best web hosting services with the best uptime and fastest loading times. 

Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting

Start by visiting Siteground and select WooCommerce hosting option. 

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As you can see, they offer three hosting plans but I recommend you choose the Grow Big plan as you can host an unlimited number of websites on the Grow Big plan.

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Select the plan and then follow the steps to complete the purchase. First, you’ll need to choose your desired domain name and then enter your billing and payment details. 

As soon as you submit the payment, your hosting account will be created. You can login to your customer area and continue with WordPress and Astra installation.

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As soon as you submit the payment, your hosting account will be created. You can login to your customer area and continue with WordPress installation. 

Step 2: Install WordPress

As you login to your customer area, you’ll notice an orange button at the top that says Set Up Website. Click that button and then select Start a new website > WordPress. 

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You will then need to enter another username and password. You’ll use this to login to your WordPress dashboard so make sure it’s different that your hosting login information. 

When you’re happy with your username and password, click Continue. Siteground will install WordPress for you and you’ll see a notification in your account area. Click on Manage Site button to see a login button next to the site you want to work with. This will take you immediately to your WordPress dashboard.

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Now, before we move on with the theme installation, there are a few things we need to take care of first in our WordPress admin area. For starters, uninstall the Starter plugin Siteground installed as you don’t need it. Head to Plugins > Installed Plugins, select Starter plugin, deactivate and then delete the plugin. 

Then, go to Plugins > Add New and search for Really Simple SSL plugin. This will fix the error with the browser telling us our site is not secure. Simply install and activate the plugin then click on Enable SSL. 

The last step is to go to Settings > Permalinks and changing them to Post name. This structure will make your pages and posts more user friendly for the search engines. 

Step 3: Setup Astra Theme

Now that we took care of these steps, it’s time to download and install the Astra theme. 

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add new.  Search for Astra in themes search area and select Astra theme as shown below. You can install the theme and activate it.

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Congratulations, you’re now a proud member of the Astra community and you can move on to the next step of setting up your awesome new WordPress website with the Astra theme.

Next step , we will install an online store template to kick start e-commerce website.  From Dashboard to to Plugins -> Astra start sites and click on See Library. You can see no of different templates loaded on the page. We want to select E-commerce templates.  On the page, search for ‘Brand’ and select free theme as shown below. You can preview the site and then import the site. 

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Congratulations, You now own a E-commerce website with all the features of regular e-commerce site like product page, cart page , contact page etc. 

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Next steps , we will customize the content , images and products as per our requirements.

Customize pages

You can customise pages with Elementor page builder. If you are new to page builder and how to update pages and posts , you can visit this link Create a WordPress Website in simple steps . Next we will discuss how to add new product to e-commerce store.

How to add a new Product

We are into exciting part of adding our products into website. Let us get started

Add product and Production description

Go to Dashboard -> Products -> Add New. You will be see page as shown below. Start adding Product Name and Description.

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You can select category for the product or create a new one depending on the product you are adding. Categories will group your products

Add product type , virtual or downloadable

Once you added product description , you can select product price and if it is on sale , sale price as well as shown below.

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You can have products which virtual od downloadable as well.  Virtual product is something which is providing service for a cost . Also, we can provide downloadable products such as e-books on the site.

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Add Product attributes

If your product has different sizes and colors, those can be set under product attributes.  This will have your product displayed with options so that user can select different sizes and colors for the product.  New custom attributes can be added as needed.

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Add product image and Gallery

New we can add product image and image gallery for the product as shown below.

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Save Draft , Preview and Publish

Once you are done with all updates, you can preview it before publishing on the website. There is an option to save as draft as well.

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You can preview the product , it should look something like below:

Once you are happy, you can publish it. Congratulations, you first product is published  and ready to be sold !!!

What next

With a theme like Astra and its Elementor builder, you can create an amazing WordPress websites in a matter of hours. In addition to that, there are plenty of pre-made themes and plugins made specifically for Astra so you can save even more time when building a website with the Astra theme. Use this tutorial to create an amazing E-commerce WordPress website with Astra  theme today.

Next topics , we will look into how to setup your store location in WooCommerce , shipping info and taxes etc We will have topics how to display best selling products or featured products on the website.

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