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Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme7 min read

Flatsome Theme is a ecommerce wordpress theme that comes with its own page builder and more than +500 templates to choose from. Flatsome comes with various styling option for products and checkout pages and is great for anyone trying to build an ecommerce website.


Flatsome Theme Pros 

  •  Different Styling Options For Products and Checkout
  •  HUGE amount of templates + Blocks (+500)
  •  Great Page Builder. Easy To Use
  •  Constantly adding new features
  •  Great FaceBook Community

Flatsome Theme Cons 

  •  Pricing sucks. 1 License Per Domain
  •  Leaves Shortcodes

When it comes to your online store, attractive design matters. Even though there is no shortage of WordPress themes made specifically for WooCommerce and online stores, one theme stands out. That theme is Flatsome and it is a highly customizable theme that keeps topping the charts on ThemeForest.

In today’s review, I’ll show you what Flatsome has to offer and talk about the features it offers specifically for online stores as well as features that can be used in other types of sites.

Flatsome Theme Quick Facts

The Flatsome theme is designed and maintained by the UX theme and it’s ranked as the #1 selling theme for WooCommerce on ThemeForest. The theme boasts more than 70,000 sales and over 4000 5-star ratings.

The theme claims it’s easy to use and customize without ever having to touch a single line of code and what’s more, you can even use this theme for business, portfolio, and any other type of website thanks to its multipurpose nature.

You can also watch a full video tutorial here on how to use the flatsome theme

Flatsome Main Features

Given that Flatsome is primarily marketed as a WooCommerce theme, let’s take a look at what all Flatsome has to offer when it comes to e-Commerce sites.

Live Search

Flatsome makes it very easy for your customers to find the product they want. Thanks to the Live Search option, they can instantly see the results and click on the product that catches their eye.

Customizable Product Pages

Most e-commerce themes offer a pretty standard layout when it comes to individual product pages. This is where Flatsome really shines as it allows you to completely customize the way your individual product pages look.

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As you can see from the screenshot, you can choose between different layouts, customize the product gallery, title, and image width, add product upsells, and much more.

Customizable Checkout Pages

The checkout page is one of the most important pages on your site as this is where a customer finally converts into a buyer or abandons your website and you lose the sale. Luckily, the Flatsome theme gives you complete control over the look of your checkout page.

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You can choose between three different styles and then further tweak the settings. What’s more, the Flatsome theme is also GDPR-compliant so if you need to fulfill those requirements, you can easily add the necessary checkboxes and link to your Privacy Policy page.

Catalog Mode and Product Quick Views

If you only want your customers to be able to view your products, you can easily enable the catalog mode. This feature comes in handy if your products are custom-made or one of a kind. The catalog mode allows you to show or hide prices and add custom HTML elements to replace the Add to cart button.

Flatsome Catalog and Shop Page Options
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Additionally, you can also enable the quick view feature for shop and category pages. This means you customers can simply click on the product image and see the description, the price, and any other images. They can also immediately add the product to their cart, all without having to click through to the product page.

Image Resizing

Another feature where Flatsome stands out is the ability to equalize image heights. Many new e-commerce owners make the mistake of uploading product images that aren’t uniform. This makes your store look amateurish and unprofessional.

With Flatsome, you don’t have to worry about it as all you have to do is tick the box and your product images will all be the same height.

On top of that, you can also control where the focus point is for each image, decide which part of images are visible, and more.

Other Notable Features

Aside from the features above, Flatsome offers plenty of other useful features. They include:

Plenty of customization options

As mentioned earlier, Flatsome can be used for other types of websites such as business, agency, and more. You’ll notice that there are several demos you can import that are related to business websites.

Additionally, there are also plenty of customization options in the Theme Customizer so you can easily adjust headers, footers, page layouts, and more.

Responsive design

Flatsome is also fully responsive so it will look great no matter which device your visitors are using. This will help you increase conversions and make it possible for potential customers, clients or buyers to buy from you or book your services even when they are on the go.

Header and Footer Builder

Flatsome comes with a built-in header and footer builder so you can customize these areas to better suit your type of website. Choose from different layouts or build your own from scratch using premade blocks and elements.

Header Builder Flatsome
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UX Page Builder

The Flatsome theme now ships with its own UX Page Builder which is much easier to use than Visual Composer. Using this builder, you can add rows, columns, sections, and various blocks to your posts and pages as well as your product, store, and checkout pages. On top of that, you can even import premade demos by using Flatsome Studio.

Flatsome Studio Templates
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Demo Content and One-click Child Theme

Lastly, you can easily import demo content and create a child theme with a single click during the theme setup process. This helps you speed up the development and design process and makes it easy to safely modify the files and custom code if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty with code.

Flatsome Child Theme Creation
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The Flatsome theme is available exclusively from ThemeForest for $59. This price also includes 6 months of theme support and future updates.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Flatsome is a powerful theme that offers plenty of useful features. All the customization options paired with a powerful page builder and tons of premade demos make the Flatsome theme truly an optimized theme for online stores. If you’re looking to launch your online store or want to refresh the design of your current store, then give Flatsome a try.

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