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GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign: No Confusion, Choose This Way10 min read

So you are confused between the two insanely cool email marketing tools – GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign? And you are looking for a clear winner? You have come to the right place.

Today email marketing software tools are much needed for automating and creating campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced, you need to save time for your business. This is where email marketing tools could help you in saving time.

GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are widely used and are among two of the most recommended email tools. If you are stuck between both and can’t even decide which one is suitable for you, keep reading on. We’ll do a one on one comparison between ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse to help you even better.


GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign: Defining The Rivals

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GetResponse needs no introduction. It is one of the best email marketing tools for marketing automation and CRM. It helps in creating landing pages, creating webinars, email building, conducting webinars, and automating emails.

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ActiveCampaign on the other hand is another email marketing software started some years after GetResponse. It also offers email templates, sign-up forms, automation, dynamic content, and event tracking. It has git popularity in a very little time and has over 300000 users at present. It is known for its powerful e-mail marketing automation.

Features Comparison: ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse

Comparing both is not easy and I can only anticipate your confusion in going with one. Both software is used as email marketing software tools and is very much similar in features. That’s why I thought to break them down into a simple and understandable way. Below, I’ve enclosed their features into a table which will help you to understand better. Have a look:

FEATURES LISTGetResponseActiveCampaign
Landing PageYesYes
Email AutomationYesYes
Webinars/ EventsYes (Integrations with 3rd party apps available too)No
Custom DomainsYesYes
A/B TestingYesYes
Operating SystemWeb-based, iOS, AndroidWeb-based, iOS, Android
Share Your FunnelsYesNA
Activity TrackingYesYes
Optin FormsYesYes
Social Media IntegrationNoYes
Ecommerce IntegrationYesYes
Free Trial30 Days14 Days

After reading the above table we can say that in terms of features, ActiveCampaign is a winner with only a small margin. 

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Key Features in Brief

Let’s study some of the unique features of GetResponse and ActiveCampaign and only then we can assess them better. 

Email Templates and Landing Pages

Both offer amazing email templates that can be used to create landing pages. But let’s first talk about GetResponse which offers more than 100 email templates that help in creating attractive landing pages. Drag and drop facility and stock photos that make it, even more, easier and simpler. It also offers an auto funnel that can be used in making funnels.

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign gives a tight competition to its rival. It also offers a variety of designs to choose from. What makes it more interesting is its customization. Simply choose from the temple library and customize it according to yourself. It also offers a drag and drop facility to create email templates in a few minutes. Other than email templates, ActiveCampaign doesn’t provide an option to make landing pages.

Hence, in terms of email template designs and landing pages, between ActiveCampaign and GetResponse email marketing software, GetResponse is the clear winner. 

Autoresponders and Automation

It is needless to say how much crucial automation is these days – if you want to do more in less, automation has to be a part of your strategy. Saved time means you can be more creative towards the tasks of your business which require your attention rather than being entangled with mundane tasks.

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Both email marketing software is equipped with email automation and autoresponder capabilities and you don’t have to be tech geniuses to use it as its simple drag and drop user interface. However, ActiveCampaign rocks the automation game by providing some features like Site tracking, Advanced reporting, Lead scoring, Split action, etc. On the other hand, GetResponse is more suitable for e-commerce sites. Both software offers excellent integrations with other apps but if go by the sentiments of Internet reviewers and people, ActiveCampaign’s automation is more friendly. 

ActiveCampaign even has an SMS autoresponder which GetResponse does not. So ActiveCampaign is a winner here.

Reporting Tools and Analytics

Without analytics, you can not assess your progress and make decisions to further your success. It is as crucial to businesses as oxygen to us.

GetResponse gives features like email tracking, mobile tracking, and real-time stats so that you can understand the behavior of your users. It also offers one amazing feature which is Google Analytics integration.

ActiveCampaign’s advanced reporting changes the whole ball game. Not only with Google Analytics you can track better, but ActiveCampaign’s native reporting is efficient, showing you emails and automation which are performing better than others.

Considering all, we think ActiveCampaign is a clear winner when it comes to analytics.

Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms or sign up forms help capture the leads and new subscribers for your newsletter. And for this, both platforms provide pop-up forms so that users may subscribe to your newsletter directly from your website. 

Full customization is available, so you can color with your brand. Both can be set up accordingly so that users don’t get irritated. Here it’s a clear tie between and both stand head to head.

Contact Management

With a growing email list, managing contacts becomes another task – that’s why CRM is made. GetResponse has an excellent contact management system (CRM) if we talk in comparison with ActiveCampaign. It makes exporting, importing, removing duplicate contacts, and managing subscription lists is a cakewalk.

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If I talk about ActiveCampaign, you get similar features. You can also categorize subscribers according to your convenience, export, import, and removal of unwanted contacts.

Contact management of GetResponse feels more intuitive and user friendly. ActiveCampaign does a good job in segmentations and marking engaging users. Overall, it’s a tie between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign in terms of the subscriber or contact management.

Webinars or Online Event

The basic rule to make and keep your subscribers with you is to interact with them regularly. This not only makes your subscribers active but also builds more trust in users. One of the best options to keep up with the engagement is to create a webinar or an online event and interact with your audience/users simultaneously providing value to them.

GetResponse is a winner here as ActiveCampaign doesn’t provide this service.

Customer Support Service

And here comes the most important factor to consider while buying any SaaS product i.e. customer support service. GetResponse allows customers to support in 7 different languages. Their team is well trained who provides you every single information in a simple way. You can live chat, ticket support, email support or browse through the help center. 

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign does a great job by giving you 24×7 live chat support, the rest of all features are the same as GetResponse. Overall, ActiveCampaign is the winner with many positive reviews from the customers and reviewers. GetResponse lies behind by only a small margin with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Plans & Pricing 

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse comes with a variety of plans. It consists of four plans which are Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max. All plans include a 30 days free trial and you don’t need a credit card for it.

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Basic Plan

This is the first and basic plan comes with a price tag of $15 per month. It includes some basic features like email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, sales funnel, and Facebook ads.

Plus Plan

The second and most recommended plan costs $49 per month and the additional features you get apart from the basic plan are automation builder, webinars (max 100), work together (3 users), webinar funnel (5 funnels), contact scoring, and tagging. It is the most popular and recommended plan to go with.

Professional Plan

One has to pay $99 per month to get this plan. This amazing plan offers you a wide range of services like unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, unlimited sales funnel, unlimited webinar funnel, and on-demand webinars. It is recommended to professional and big businesses.

Max Plan

Imagine a plan which you can customize according to yourself. Isn’t it cool? This plan is fully personalized and flexible and comes with custom pricing. It’s an advanced platform with features like transactional emails, dedicated support, dedicated IP address, single sign-on (SSO), email campaign consulting and deliverability consulting.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

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ActiveCampaign has four plans to choose from and they provide a 14-days free trial. Let’s check each plan of ActiveCampaign.

Lite Plan

The very first and basic plan starts at $9 per month which is best suited for bloggers and beginners. It is a basic plan which comes with some features like marketing automation, email marketing, unlimited email sending, subscription forms, segmentation, site and event tracking, automation report, and newsletters.

Plus Plan

It’s the second plan offered by ActiveCampaign which costs $49 per month. Apart from all basic features it also includes landing pages, Facebook custom audiences, contact scoring, SMS marketing, automation map, advanced performing reports, custom branded forms, and landing pages.

Professional Plan

The most popular and recommended plan of ActiveCampaign comes with a price tag of $129 per month. And the features one would get are website personalization, predictive sending, predictive content, marketing attribution, split automation, conversion reporting, and site messages. 

Enterprise Plan

And finally, the last plan for which one has to pay $229 per month. It is the premium and last plan of ActiveCampaign which is recommended for bigger and multiple businesses. You’ll get premium features like custom reporting, custom mail server domain, custom domain, free design services, unlimited email design testing, and social data enrichment.

Pros & Cons



  • User friendly and easy to use
  • List building
  • Email and funnel builder
  • Analytics are helpful
  • Opt-in forms
  • Customer support is strong


  • No tutorial videos
  • Customer service support
  • Not user friendly
  • Analytics are confusing
  • Forms aren’t responsive



  • Easy to use
  • Variety in email templates
  • Reporting and tracking available
  • Email integration and deliverability
  • Contact Management System
  • Highly customizable
  • Subscriber based email platform
  • Well structured automation
  • Free migration


  • Features can be overwhelming
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Price is a bit higher

Conclusion: Choose This Way

This was the battle – GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign. But I am skeptical that you may feel overwhelmed, that’s okay. Let me be simple.

If your preferences include creating landing pages and conducting webinars, look no further than GetResponse. However, if you are more into SMS marketing and it heavily relies on automation and needs advanced analytics, ActiveCampaign is for you.

Whatever you choose, we wish you success in your endeavor. I hope this GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign post has helped you. Still, have questions? If yes, simply put it down in the comment section below. I’ll love to answer your queries.

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