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9 Kickass Headline Generator Tools That Gets You Clicks [Here’s How]9 min read

While writing a blog the first main thing that comes in mind is: what should be the headline or title of the blog? And the selection of a suitable and SEO friendly headline puts a psychological effect on the reader’s mind and it decides whether the reader is going to read the full article or just bounce back. You have heard it many times: the first impression is the last impression. So, here we are going to dig into a deep discussion about some headline generator tools that will help you to generate headlines or titles that attract a lot of clicks. 

You spend your sweat and blood in creating a blog and hope that it would drag heavy traffic and multiplies your conversion rate. Therefore it’s important for you to must use good titles or headlines. The title should be eye catchy, informative, and precise. Avoid every jargon.

The Science Behind a Good Headline

Headlines play a vital role in a blog. If you are not using an attractive and SEO friendly headline then you will fall behind in the competition with your rivals. And if you have chosen a perfect headline for your blog then I assure you that not only you will grow your traffic but also leave your mark on the readers of being a professional.

The fact is that 80% of the readers decide by the blog headline that whether to read the blog or not. It is indicating how much weight and importance a headline holds to a blog or article. More clicks mean more improved ranking on search engines. If you use appropriate keywords in your headline then your blog post will be improved in Google ranking and traffic will eventually grow.

A great headline puts psychology in use and makes the reader pause for a moment and check out your content. From then and there, your content weaves them into reading the whole piece.

Why You Should Use Headline Generator Tools?

As I have already told you about the importance of writing great headlines while creating a blog, let me tell you that you don’t have to worry about it too much. These headline generator tools have lots of catchy headlines and blog names you can’t even think of. By putting your focus keyword, it will show you many catchy to choose between. 

There is a wide range of headline generator tools that are available. We will briefly review all of them. You choose one that suits you best for you. So, without being late, let me show you some of the best headline generator tools available in the market.

SEOPressor’s Title Generator

SEOPressor's Title Generator

This headline generator tool by SEOPressor gives you a lot of ideas regarding creative title for your blog, article, and content. All you have to do is to put a keyword related to your content in the given box and click on generate title and then it will allow you to go through several options. Just pick up a catchy and suitable headline. 

A very unique feature of this tool is that it continuously shows the SEO score and keyword thickness. It is also a free tool that anyone can use and take benefits of it. As SEOPressor is a famous name in the SEO industry you can rely on this tool.

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Hubspot's Blog Ideas Generator

You must have heard of Hubspot. They are one of the leading online company in the marketing niche. This headline generator tool by Hubspot is not only a generator tool but it’s also come up with many other great things. You can put up to 3 nouns in the given box and click on “give me blog topics”. You will be provided with a numerous range of ideas for the blog titles. 

And if you want more ideas, then you have to signup and leave your business details. What if you get new and creative theme thoughts for your site with this tool? Sounds cool? You also going to get it with this amazing tool.

Title Generator by TweakYourBiz

Title Generator by TweakYourBiz

It is another free headline generator tool by TweakYourBiz which is a bit different from other tools. Once you put a keyword into the box, it generates a lot of results with different categories in just a single click. You can choose the best one and suitable headline for your content. One of the features that I like is that it also includes plain text which you can download and print. It has a lot of results which are organized by the categories.

Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator

Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator

It is yet another better blog idea title generator powered by Inbound, which is very simple and user friendly. By typing your keyword and clicking on the “click to generate title ideas” you get some creative and SEO friendly creative headline options that are generic. There is one more option “need more inspiration” that helps you to sort your theme and afterward tap on look catch. It will come up with so many proposals that can’t be denied.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Most of the time bloggers face difficulty in finding the best and suitable headline for their blog. This headline generator tool from Thrives Themes is going to boost up your traffic for sure. Practically one has only 2.6 seconds to grab the attention of the readers and if your heading is catchy and click-worthy, you can drag huge traffic on your site. 

It is a simple WordPress plugin that enables to follow reader’s behavior to determine the best headline based on some factors like clicking percentage and time spent by the viewer. If you are a Thrive Themes member you can start using this Headline Optimiser and if not, you can get it by paying $19 annually. You can also test this Optimiser for your older posts.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

It’s a free tool from CoSchedule that helps you to improve your headline. Insights like word balance, headline type, and length analysis are provided free of cost, one can get it just by signing up. Let me be clear with you, with word balance, you can judge whether your headline is common or uncommon. If it is a neutral you can choose a more efficient tagline for your blog. It reviews the headline on a scale of 100. 

Character count is yet another feature, according to which if your headline contains 55 characters then it is best. So, with all these features, you are surely going to catch more eyeballs on your content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent's Content Idea Generator

This is a great headline generator tool by Portent that helps you to generate several creative ideas for your content. And let me tell you the uniqueness of this tool. It also tells you the reason behind every title, that why you should use it and why it is effective. One question comes in your mind while choosing a headline that whether it is going to hit your viewers and if then why? This tool explains the answer to your whys.

Blogabout Title Generator

Blogabout Title Generator

This is yet another fabulous headline generator tool by Blogabout. Just write down the keyword and click on the Next button, you will get hundreds of title ideas. The best feature that I like about this tool is that if you like any title, just click on the heart icon. It enables your selected title to a notebook which further is easily emailed to you. Isn’t it quite impressive and catchy itself? I just love using this amazing tool.

Headline Generator by Content Row

Headline Generator by Content Row

If you are planning to write a blog and wondering whether what are the trending topics on which you should create a blog then this headline generator tool is for you. You just need to signup with your email address and you can start digging into trending headline. You can also put a keyword and find numerous suggestions to pick within. It is a free tool to use which works hard in the keyword provided by you and comes up with a variety of options. 

Before You Go

Now, here we are! Being a writer or blogger you might be wondering which headline generator tool is suitable and best for you? Though you had a dive in through many title generator tools here what I recommend, if you ask me, try all these tools at least once, and then you will come to know which is useful and friendly for you. 

For me, SEOPressor and Co-Schedule do the job. They together suffice my needs and help me create better headlines. You can try different combinations or a single one – whichever you may like.

You need a title that hits your reader’s minds and also it should be SEO optimized so that your article can rank better. Nothing gets 100% perfect, so don’t forget to be human. All these title generators are quite impressive. Just go through these headline generator tools and try. Write a fantastic blog that is loved by all. Happy writing ya’ all!

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