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How To Create A Free Blog On Blogspot (In 3 Easy Steps)9 min read

You’ve got a passion for writing just like me and now you’ve decided to create a blog. A blog is one of the best ways to share your thoughts and feelings with wider audiences. If you manage to get traffic, you can definitely earn a good amount of money from blogging as well. Isn’t it great? 

So, here I am going to tell you how to create a free blog on the BlogSpot. BlogSpot is also commonly known as Blogger. But for the sake of easiness, we’ll use BlogSpot as it connects with wider audiences.

How would you react if I tell you that creating a blog on BlogSpot costs $0? That’s right. Now more and more people are shifting towards making money online. So, without being late let’s hop into the ocean of blogging and know how to create a free blog on the BlogSpot.


Why go with Blogspot at all?

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First, let me tell you that BlogSpot is a blogging platform by Google (accessible at blogger.com) and it doesn’t charge a single penny for its services. On the other hand, there are paid services also for blogging but I would suggest that if you are a beginner in the Blogging industry, you should start it with Google’s Blogspot aka Blogger. For someone who is new to blogging and doesn’t know much about blogging platforms, BlogSpot is highly recommended as you don’t have to worry about server down problems, technical issues, and with Adsense, you can make money too.

Advantages of Blogspot

Whenever we got to choose anything, we must know the advantages of one over other options. So, here let me tell you what are the advantages you are going to get with BlogSpot:

  • It’s a free platform that never asks for a single bug.
  • As it is Google’s platform, security and reliability isn’t a concern.
  • You don’t need any technical skills.
  • It’s quite easy to create and run a blog with it.
  • It gives many more features than any other free blogging platform.
  • You can monetize it with Adsense and affiliate marketing and earn money.
  • We know well that Google is one of the best in customer support. So, if you get stuck anywhere or have any queries, the support team is there 24/7 to help you.
  • As it is a free platform you don’t get so many options but still, there are decent options to change themes and apply customizations.
  • It can be easily integrated by other products of Google.
  • And if you want to shift to a paid blogging platform, you won’t lose any data from Blogspot. 
  • Free video tutorials are also available which will help you in case you are stuck somewhere in between.

Step by step process of creating a free blog on Blogspot

Let’s talk about how you can create a free blog on the BlogSpot with this easy and step-by-step guide.

1. Make sure to sign in to Google account

Today every single person has a Google account. So, I guess you have an account, and if not please create one here. Here you get an option for login and sign-up. Click on sign-up and fill some basic pieces of information like name, date of birth, and phone number followed by a username ( you can choose any unique name). And if that name isn’t available, Google will show you some suggestions which are available. That’s how a Google account can be created in a few steps.

Before proceeding, make sure you are logged in to your Google account.

2. Signing in to blogger account

Signing into blogger account
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a). As you have a Google account, go to the blogger.com homepage. You will see a button in the center as ‘create your blog’. It will automatically detect your Google account and ask permission to login with it. Once you are done with it. A new window will open. 

b). Here you have to fill the title which will be your blog name, followed by your web address. Suppose you chose “myblogname” as the title. Your web address would be “myblogname.blogspot.com.” 

c). After choosing a template, click onto the create Blog option. Congratulations! You have created a blog within 2 minutes. 

Note – Choose a unique name that matches your category of blogging. You can also customize your template and choose any other theme accordingly, later as well.

Create a new blog
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3. Enhance your BlogSpot blog

You are now done with creating the blog but the work isn’t over yet. It’s time to enhance and provide an attractive look to your blog. Now, your dashboard is clearly visible wherein the left corner you can see a blogger logo, where a lot of options are available like posts, stats, comments, earnings, pages, layout, themes, and settings. 

a). Add a description

This is the most important part, which can’t be left blank. Click on the settings tab > basic settings > description. Here put your valuable words about your blog. Mention the motive and all about your blogging niche. It will help your users or any visitor to know what your blog actually is about. Don’t go too long nor too short.

b). Theme and layout

A lot of themes are available for your BlogSpot blog. You can simply choose the layout of your choice and even you have the option to upload your own theme. In the layout section, blog layout can be easily done through drag and drop facility, and options for editing the blog header footer and sidebar are available. Through the customization button, you are able to customize your blog in your way. 

Blogger Theme
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The logo defines your brand. Blogspot also allows you to upload a logo. It can be done by going to layout > header > edit > image.

You can upload any image as your logo and after clicking on save changes you are done with uploading the logo. 

d). Google Adsense

Google AdSense
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As I have told earlier earnings can be done by Blogspot but it is advised not to apply Google Adsense until you are not getting enough traffic like 300-400 visitors every single day on your blog. Here, patience is very much required. 

First, publish some blogs, promote it on social media and on other networks. Once you start getting good traffic, you can go to the earnings section in the sidebar of the dashboard and click on Adsense and apply it.

e). Know Your Traffic Statistics

Traffic Stats
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The stats section in the sidebar will let you know about the traffic, audience, and other essential details from time to time. It also shows which of your blog posts are performing better. It will help you in improving the quality of your blog which will further result in good traffic.

Increase the production of blog posts that perform better and you’ll soon gain over the traction. 

Create your first post

First post
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Finally, your blog is optimized and looking quite impressive. So, now it’s time to create your first blog post. Aren’t you excited? On your homepage click posts in the sidebar and click on “New Post” to create your first blog post on Blogspot. 

You can start writing. One more thing in the upper bar you can see a lot of options like text size, font, text color, image, link, etc. You can choose them accordingly. There is an option of “Preview” in the upper right corner which will let you know how your post will look like after publishing. If everything goes well, post it.

Some Useful Tips on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your pages for search engines. If you’re serious about blogging, growing it, earning money, and making a living out of it, SEO is going to be very, very important.

Here I’m including some basic tips which will improve your basic SEO:

  • Use proper keyword research and use that keyword in your blog. For keyword research, use Ubbersuggest or Google Keyword Planner.
  • Try to write at least 1200-1500 words.
  • Use bullet points and tables if possible.
  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Use prevalent images wherever required.
  • Use a short and accurate meta description of your post.
  • Insert some links wherever required. It will help in increasing traffic.

Final words

So, that was your guide on how to create a free blog on the Blogspot. I’ve mentioned all the necessary steps required for starting a blog. If you ask me, I would say, the BlogSpot blogging platform is the best way to start your blogging journey. As you spend some time on your blog you will get to learn about some technical aspects and more about SEO too. 

Later you can shift to the self-hosted platform WordPress, which is the most popular paid blogging platform (actually WordPress itself isn’t paid, but hosting and domains are gonna cost you). It is widely used by people around the globe.

 I hope I’ve been able to clear all your queries regarding how to create a blog on BlogSpot for free. If still you have some questions to ask, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

If you have any questions regarding any tip, you can simply ask me in the comment section below. Happy blogging!
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Happy Blogging.

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