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How to Create A Landing Page with GetResponse8 min read

The landing page is a page where you promote your products and collects leads through opt-in forms and use them to convert to sales

You can create landing pages in GetResponse to promote your products, build your e-mail list by offering lead magnets, ask visitors to signup for webinars,  share your lead magnets, and offer online courses.

Once you create your landing page, you can share on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to collect leads.   

You can also run Facebook or Google Ads to direct traffic to your landing page and convert visitors to leads.

What GetResponse offers  you for creating  landing pages:

  • Create mobile responsive landing pages with ready-made templates
  • Built-in an image editor to edit images and get access to stunning looking images from Shutterstock
  • Use gifs on your page from Giphy
  • Test your pages using AB testing for better conversions.
  • Use pre-build marketing funnels to promote your offers and generate leads

Let us dig into detailed steps on how to create landing pages in a quick and easy way.


How to Create a Landing Page Using GetResponse

To create landing pages in GetResponse,  you need to sign up for the GetResponse account.  

Once you signed up, log in to the GetResponse account and click on Menu => Landing Pages to get started on landing page creation.

Landing Page Menu
  • Save

Click on the button “create landing page” to start creating your landing page.

Create landing Page button
  • Save

You will see multiple readymade templates available to create landing pages. Right now, we will use Build from scratch option to create the landing page ourselves as shown below.

Build From Scratch
  • Save

Select the option highlighted below to go to the next step. 

Landing Page Template
  • Save

On this page enter the name for landing page that you will be using and click on next step and you will be directed to a landing page creator where you can edit text and add images to your landing page.

Landing Page Name
  • Save

How to Use Landing Page Creator in GetResponse 

On the landing page creator section, you can use the right side menu bar to add images , text change colors, fonts on your landing page to style your landing page and update. Also  you can embed videos , add a popup form, add a countdown timer and add a webinar signup. 

You can also add a social share icon on the landing  page using the menu bar.

Right Menubar
  • Save

Once you are happy with your landing page layout,  you can check the mobile version of your landing page by clicking on the mobile icon on the top right of the page.

Mobile Preview
  • Save

You can also click on the “preview” button to preview the landing page next to the mobile icon on the top bar.  Once you are happy with the landing page design you can save it and click on the “next step” to go to the settings page.

Landing Page Settings 

On the settings page, you can do SEO settings like title and description, define landing page URL,  subscription settings for contact lists, and Analytics and ReMarketing settings. Let us check one by one.

SEO settings

On SEO  settings,  set the page title and description so this title and description will be used by Google search to find your landing page. There is a checkbox “Don’t index search engines” . Keep it unchecked for your page to be found by search engines like Google or Bing.

SEO Settings
  • Save

Landing page URL settings

On the Landing page URL settings,  set the URL for your landing page to point to your domain or one provided by GetResponse. 

If you don’t have any website, you can use the subdomain name provided by GetResponse to set your landing page URL.  This is the URL , you will use to share on social media and use for paid ads. 

If you have more than one website domain, you can configure multiple domains as well.

Landing Page URL Settings
  • Save

Subscription settings

On Subscription settings, choose which contact list , you want to save your leads. If you have multiple promotions, you can create a different contact list for each of your campaigns. This way  you  can track the leads interested in particular products offered.

You can enable  ‘Confirmed Opt-in” to make sure users are providing correct email addresses and confirming by clicking on confirmation from the actual e-mail address. This way you get legitimate e-mail addresses with genuine customers.  

Subscription Settings
  • Save

Analytics and Remarketing

Finally, you can track how your landing page performed , who the users visited your page and who signed up for your  offer using the Analytics and Remarketing section.  You can put a tracking ID here from Google Ads and Facebook Ads is this form for tracking purposes.

Analytics & Remarketing Settings
  • Save

Once you are done with the settings,  click on the Publish button to publish your landing page. Congratulations on creating your first landing page. You can now preview the page by clicking on the landing page URL on the page.

  • Save

Here is quick video of Landing Page Creation in GetResponse


Q) How do I create a landing page on the Facebook ad?

A) You can create a landing page provided in this post and use that url to promote using Facebook Ads.

Q) Does a landing page need a domain?

A) No. To create a Landing page , you don’t need a domain.  You can use subdomains provided by GetResponse to create URL for your landing pages.

Q) How do I advertise my landing page?

A) Once you create your landing page, you can advertise using Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.  You can also run paid ads using Facebook or Google Ads.

Q) How do landing pages drive traffic?

A) You can drive traffic to your landing page by promoting your landing page using Social media channels or paid ads.


You have successfully created your landing page. Now you can promote your landing page on social media like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  You can also promote using Facebook or Google ads and collect leads. 

I hope you like this article, if you have any questions or comments, please post it in the comment box below. 

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