' Moz vs SEMRush: Which is Best SEO Tool (2020) ?

Moz vs SEMRush: Which is the Best SEO Tool?23 min read

We will review and compare the full features of  SEMRush and MOZ in this post. If you are planning to improve your organic search stats, this article analyzes tools Moz and SEMRush to identify features, pricing, pros, cons, etc and the unique benefits so you can easily decide which SEO tool you should go for.

It is HIGHLY recommended to try both the tools before making a decision on buying one specific tool. As both tools offer a free trial period,  you can see which tool best suits your SEO requirements during the trial period.


Moz vs SEMrush: Features Comparison

Moz is an advanced SEO toolset and their pricing starts at $99/mo which is backed by the largest community of SEOs whereas SEMrush is an all in one SEO toolkit and their pricing starts at $99.95/mo which is used by over 5 million people worldwide.

Let us have a look at features of both the tools:

List of SEMrush features:

  • Organic research which helps you easily find your competitors best keywords, new organic competitors, observe  domain position changes and so on
  • Backlink too which helps you perform deep link analysis of any website, understand referring domain authority
  • Keyword research tool helps you find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Traffic Analytics tool helps you find any web site’s traffic and monitor competitor marketing activities and strategies
  • Market Explorer helps you analyze new markets and niches, Gain in-market audience insights
  • Domain vs domain comparison
  • Keyword Magic tool which helps you find over 20 million keyword ideas, Create up to 50 target keyword lists
  • SEO Writing Assistant lets you Optimize Your Content for Your Target Keywords, Maintain Your Brand’s Tone of Voice in Each Content Piece
  • Site Audit tool helps you check your site’s health, find all your site issues and fix them
  • POsition tracking lets you Track your positions for any keyword, Discover local competitors
  • Social media tracker  Leverages competitor analysis to create a winning strategy
  • Brand Monitoring  Monitor Your Brand Reputation, Discover New Opportunities
  • On-page SEO checker Analyze Google ranking factors affecting your website’s performance
  • Advertising research tool to find your competitors ad copies and strategies
  • Display Advertising Tool Analyze competitors’ display ads
  • Ad Builder Find ideas for your ad creatives and use them as a template, Create effective text ads right in the tool

List of Moz features:

  • Offers proprietary metrics like Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), and Spam Score which are extremely useful for all kinds of bloggers and marketers to analyze the popularity of a site
  • Accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics
  • Save keyword lists that you can track whenever you want and update as needed
  • Track your keyword rankings both local and national searches
  • Get a holistic view of how you rank with Search Visibility score for your keywords (great feature for SEO nerds)
  • Audit feature is excellent as you can easily find all the website issues and fix them
  • Alerts ensure you’re the first to know when site issues are found so you can fix them fast
  • Offers prioritized recommendations to improve your on-page optimization and highlights issues of high priority
  • The ability to create custom reports

Major Differences Between SEMrush vs Moz

Only 300 keyword rankings are allowed in Moz Pro whereas SEMrush allows you to track up to 500 keywords (with daily updates).

The dashboard of SEMrush offers you more data than Moz Pro

Now let the debate between the two amazing tools SEMrush and Moz begin. If you are blogging for a while and not under the rock for the last few years, you might be already aware of two incredible SEO tools, Moz and SEMrush.

These two SEO tools are definitely worth every single penny. They are so simple to use that even a non-tech savvy person will find them really easy to grow their rankings to make more sales and spy on their competitors.

SEMrush Dashboard Overview (With Pros & Cons)

Here’s how the SEMrush dashboard looks like;

Semrush Dashboard
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As you can see above, from Semrush rank, domain overview to backlink gap to position tracking, you can find literally any SEO related task using SEMrush.

Pros of SEMrush:

  • With 128,000,000+ domains and 120,000,000+ keywords in its 29 databases, this is the best SEO tool to increase your SEO strategy.
  • You will find almost every tool that helps you improve your SEO from finding keywords to backlink analysis to keyword position tracking. It covers everything.
  • It allows you to check Domain Vs Domain metrics which is really helpful for competing with your competitors.
  • You can track your competitors and consequently improve your own SEO ranking.
  • It provides more competitive data and each keyword is backed by a long history like how popular it is, who has used it, what is its value, and so on.
  • It’s AdSense Publishers Report enables you to discover where exactly your competitors are advertising.
  • You get an estimation of how much your competitor might be spending on AdWords in comparison to Product Listing Ads (PLAs).
  • If you want to know how good or bad a website is performing on Google, then use SEMrush’s site audit tool and you will get all the site issues.

Cons of SEMrush:

  • Even with Moz Pro base plan, 2 users can access the same account (whereas SEMrush base plan allows only 1 user)
  • You can track up to 5 sites with Moz whereas SEMrush base plan offers only 3 sites
  • Moz Pro Dashboard Overview (With Pros & Cons)
  • Here’s how the Moz Pro dashboard looks like;

Moz pro dashboard

moz dashboard
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Moz Pro offers a ton of tools including keyword research, custom reports, site crawl, page optimization etc (as shown above).

Pros of Moz

  • The analytics and results that Moz provides are very detailed and helpful.
  • Moz helps to improve your search traffic, rankings and keyword visibility.
  • Its spam score will help you to find potentially spam links on your websites.
  • It offers a 30-day free trial so that you can explore all of its features.
  • Moz Pro helps you to uncover lots of quality link building sources that you can increase your traffic to your blog.
  • Helpful community and forums. Have any issue in using the Moz tools? Just ask your question in Moz forums and you will get awesome responses. If you are a beginner, what can you expect more?
  • Moz continues to update their tools and add more features to their list. This will certainly help SEO guys to boost their SEO rankings.

Cons of Moz

  • It has many great features which are highly useful. It may take a while to figure out all of its functionality when you first get started. Once you figure it out, it will be a lifesaver.
  • The pricing starts at $99. At similar pricing, you can get a ton of more features from SEMrush.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush pricing plans start at $99.95 per month and go all the way up to $399.95. You can save up to 16% when you go with their annual plans.

semrush pricing
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Want a 7 day SEMrush free trial?

Moz Pro Pricing

Moz Pro pricing plans start at $99 per month and go all the way up to $599 per month. You can save up to 20% when you pay yearly.

mozpro pricing
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Want a free 30-day trial version of Moz?

Keyword Research Overview of SEMrush vs Moz

Here’s how the keyword research tool on SEMrush looks like;

semrush Keyword Overview
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As you can see above, you’ll find a ton of keyword data including search volume, paid search data, CPC, keyword suggestions, keyword trends.

You’ll also find;

Phrase match keywords (with volume, CPC, SERP)

Related keywords (with volume, CPC, SERP)

Try SEMrush keyword research tool:

Here’s how the Moz Pro keyword tool looks like;

moz keyword overview
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As you can see above, you’ll get keyword data including monthly volume, keyword difficulty, organic CTR along with keyword suggestions and SERP analysis.

Site Audits Overview of SEMrush vs Moz

Here’s how the site audits look like in SEMrush;

semrush siteaudit
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As you can see above, you can get a full health score of your site along with;


Warnings and


It also gives you suggestions on how to fix all your site issues to improve your site’s health score for better SEO performance.

Get a discount of $45 on the Award-Winning SEO Audit tool right now

Here’s how the site audits look like in Moz Pro;

moz site crawl
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Similar to the SEMrush site audit tool, Moz Pro also offers a site crawl tool that helps you easily find and fix all your site issues including missing H1 tags, alt tags, lengthy URLs and so on.

Backlink Analysis Overview of Moz vs SEMrush

Here’s how the backlink analysis tool look like in SEMrush

semrush backlinks
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You can find all the backlink sources of your competitors (along with new and lost links) as seen above.

Here’s how the Link Research look like in Moz Pro;

moz backlinks
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Moz Link research tool also offers you extensive data where you can discover any site’s link along with new and lost links.

Why Use SEMrush?

SEMrush is your all-in-one SEO tool that helps you find profitable keywords and crush your competitors by spying on their keywords, backlinks, traffic and ad strategies.

If you want to outrank your competitors, this is the only tool we recommend.

SEMrush databases are updated very frequently, and that’s the one reason why you get accurate data.

If you’re looking for the RIGHT tool among Moz vs SEMrush and looking for a better tool to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for along with their traffic, backlink sources etc – SEMrush is the perfect tool for you.  Here are a few major benefits of using SEMrush over Moz Pro.

Leverage market intelligence to make better-informed decisions

  • Discover top players, indirect competitors, their traffic shares and trends with Market Explorer
  • Get into your rivals’ marketing strategies and tactics with Traffic Analytics
  • Reveal any company’s performance with the Top Pages report
  • Gain insight into your target audience with Audience Overlap and Market Explorer

Monetize Your Audience with SEMrush

A powerful toolkit for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers

  • Pick the most profitable niches with CPC Map
  • Boost your organic traffic with On-Page SEO Checker
  • Analyze successful publishers with Display Advertising
  • Create relevant content with SEO Writing Assistant

The Best Tools for Each Step of the Keyword Research Process

  • Get a Quick Analysis
  • Build a Keyword Master List
  • Discover Your Organic Competitors
  • Compare Keyword Portfolios
  • Track Keyword Performance
  • Research your target audience with Market Explorer

Boost Your Content Marketing with SEMrush Content Platform

  • Find a Topic
  • Create a Content Plan
  • Get a Template for SEO-Friendly Content
  • Order Content
  • Optimize the Article
  • Analyze Mentions
  • Measure Your Content Impact
  • Revise and Improve Your Content

Hands-off Social Media Tool

  • Round-the-clock social content across all social networks
  • Analyze your social performance
  • Tweak your campaigns based on benchmarking data
  • Analyze your social performance

SEMrush for E-commerce

All-in-one solution to boost your online store

Optimize your online store from every angle

Audit your site to correct meta information and make your content unique. Get backlink ideas and other recommendations. Research keywords and borrow them from competitors. Track positions on daily basis and find out competitors, who rank with your keywords.

Take your ad campaigns to the next level

Explore PLA copies and the keywords triggering them. Create ad text directly in the SEMrush interface. Cross-match negative keywords to stay on budget. Use proven techniques to optimize your CPC and get more conversions for less money.

Manage social media and reputation online

Take care of your brand reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews in a timely manner. Find topics that people search and content ideas for your site. One-click posting to multiple social media directly from the SEMrush interface.

Why Use Moz Pro?

Moz is an SEO software that allows you to unlock all kinds of keyword metrics, on-page recommendations, link building opportunities, crawl errors, online mentions of your brand and many more.

If you are serious about your blog or business then you need to invest in powerful SEO tools to automate tasks that normally take hours to complete. One such is Moz Pro, a comprehensive SEO software suite with several SEO functionalities.

It offers both basic and advanced research tools like keyword research tools, a SEO keyword generator, and link analysis that gives detailed data on your inbound links and link quality to improve your search engine optimization.

So in this Moz vs SEMrush review post, let’s first talk about Moz Pro features so you will know whether that’s a right tool for you to invest or not.

Keyword Research

The one keyword research tool to rule them all.

Ranking for the right keywords can make or break website success. Keyword Explorer streamlines your workflow and improves how you discover and prioritize the best keywords to target in less time. In the trenches of SEO since 2004, we poured our knowledge into building the most comprehensive keyword tool out there to take the hassle, bad data, and repetitive busywork out of the process.

Identify your sweet spots for success.

Seamlessly add to, manage, and create keyword lists in one place. Categorize, prioritize, and compare keywords and phrases to fine-tune your keyword and content strategy.

Outrank the competition.

Find better keyword opportunities by seeing thousands of intuitive suggestions and comparing keywords for which sites rank, from the most extensive, credible online database of high-quality English keywords and fresh SERP data – nothing older than two weeks.

Prioritize keywords by the metrics that matter.

Better predict keyword performance based on Search Volume estimates with 95% accuracy. Gauge competitiveness and estimate click-through-rates on the SERP with Difficulty and Organic CTR metrics. Add weight to a keyword’s importance to your business by assigning a custom own score.

Track your rankings

Measure your SEO impact: Track rankings for your site and the competition.

The right keywords equal site traffic. But how do you know which keywords are right? Moz Pro tells you — Track your site’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP over time to know what’s working and what’s not. Better yet, track competitors’ movement on the SERP to uncover gaps in their strategies and build on yours.

Base your decisions on trustworthy data.

Your strategy is only as solid as the data it’s based on. Moz’s industry-leading SEO metrics give you the highest-quality comprehensive snapshot of your keyword rankings over the week, month, or specific range of time.

Compare mobile vs desktop visibility.

Customers have different search behavior on desktops than mobile devices — Compare and optimize for both in Moz Pro. Track desktop rankings across the top search engines in 200+ countries. Compare US mobile and desktop down to the national and local levels.

Uncover competitive advantages to target top positions.

See what’s working for the competition. Identify what you need to do to gain ground and aim to win top SERP feature positions like featured snippets.

Crawl and audit your sites

Manage your site’s health: Find and fix issues. Fast.

Find and learn how to fix common technical SEO issues that may impede your site’s ability to receive high-quality traffic, rank, or be indexed by search engines. Let Moz Pro monitor a wide range of site issues like broken redirects, missing title tags, and many more. Then prioritize which issues to fix first for maximum effectiveness.

Crawl sites fast.

Moz Pro crawls large sites fast and keeps track of new and recurring issues over time. Colorful charts show the breakdown of issue categories, new issues, and total issues; allowing you to easily discover trends, opportunities, and inform individuals on the site’s overall SEO performance.

Take full control of your site’s SEO.

Get insights and take action: We explain each issue, its potential impact on your SEO, and tell you how to fix it. Flag issues you wish to ignore, mark issues as fixed, and recrawl instantly to check your work.

Sit back, relax. We’ll alert you of any new issues.

Moz Pro automatically crawls weekly and alerts you to any new and critical issues so you can fix them before they cause major problems.

On-Page Optimization

Improve your customer experience and boost rankings. Optimize your content.

It’s important that visitors to your site can do two things right away: know what the page they land on is about and easily find the information they’re looking for. These indicate to search engines that your page is meeting customer needs, which in turn boosts your 

Get step-by-step guidance

Enter a keyword and page combination into Moz Pro for a prioritized list of recommendations with easy-to-follow steps to optimize your page content. Improve your rankings by following our list of tailored SEO recommendations.

Quickly identify improvement opportunities

Uncover opportunities on pages with high ranking potential. Determine where to start by sorting your pages by the Page Optimization Score, which rates how well each page is optimized for its target keyword(s).

Get content suggestions

Generate ideas from a list of similar topics derived from other top-ranking sites sorted by relevance to your keyword. Run an instant audit of your on-page SEO and optimize your pages for specific keywords and relevant topics.

Link Research

Grow a quality link profile to gain traction, attention, and traffic.

Boost your odds of ranking well: Increase the number of high-quality links pointing to your website and decrease the spammy ones. To do so, analyze your link profile and competitive standing with the industry’s most trusted link metrics.

Start with a detailed link profile analysis.

Get insight into your website’s authority and rankings. Link Explorer measures your backlinks, most valuable pages, linking domains, and anchor text so you can build high-quality links to better compete and thrive online.

Explore competitive link opportunities

Form a more strategic approach to link building — compare your link profile to that of your top four competitors. Is their Domain Authority higher than yours? Find out why by digging into the makeup of their linking domains and compare how metrics have fluctuated over time

Track your link building efforts.

Set goals, track, and analyze your link building progress in easy-to-manage Link Tracking Lists. Create multiple lists with target URLs for which you plan to build links, then add link prospects and find out when and how they link to your target URLs. Track your outreach efforts with drop-down fields for custom notes.

Create custom reports

Ready to prove the impact of your efforts? There’s a report for that.

You’ve worked hard to improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic — share it! Communicate the status, the impact, and the value of your work to your team, manager, and clients in a way each group can understand and appreciate. Compelling visual aids make it easier to translate wins, losses, and opportunities to go after. And scheduling reports sending automatically cuts the time it takes in half.

Easily run reports.

Run and easily export PDF or CSV reports covering search rankings, links, site crawl data, and even the competition in Moz Pro. Choose to show a quick snapshot of results or trends over time.

Customize and brand ‘em.

Drag-and-drop Moz Pro charts and graphs from Moz Pro and add your own notes and observations. Set up reports to be delivered automatically to your clients and stakeholders as often as you’d like: daily, weekly, or monthly. Whether for in-house or prospective clients, make reports your own by replacing the Moz logo with yours. We don’t mind.

Use templates to save time.

Choose from one of our clean and comprehensive report templates to cut down the time you spend on reporting. From a competitive analysis report to a site audit report, you can share compelling data with stakeholders with the click of a button. Use the notes our template provides, or edit them to ensure you’re telling your SEO story the way you see fit.

Moz Local:

How it helps smaller businesses

Brands with fewer locations have to balance the importance of working online with the urgency of their day-to-day. Moz Local does the hardest work for you, letting you spend more time with your customers.

  • Check online listings off your list, almost effortlessly.
  • Build trust in your customers and in search engines.

How it helps enterprises

When your business has locations throughout the country, you need a solution that scales without requiring too much of your team. With Moz Local, you can:

  • Minimize inputs, maximize outcomes.
  • Defend your brand’s online presence.
  • Quickly and accurately prove the value of your work.
  • Work confidently with industry-leading support.
  • Know when it’s working and when to take action.

How Moz Local Works

  • Save

Moz tools

Free Domain SEO Metrics

Enter any domain and see the top competitive SEO metrics for that site.

Keyword Explorer

Leverage the largest, most accurate search keyword database to discover and prioritize the best keywords for your site.

Link Explorer

SEO starts with Link Explorer. Uncover content and link building opportunities, and compare to competitors for intelligent link building.

Moz Bar

Examine and analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit right in your Chrome browser.

My Online Presence

See how your location appears on local search engines and directories, and how it can improve with Moz Local.

Free Domain Analysis

Enter any site and see instant SEO metrics like top pages, ranking keywords, competitive analysis, and more.

Free Location Audit

Does your business have 100+ locations? Request a free audit from to measure the quality and accuracy of your brand’s local listings.

Is Moz tool worth paying for?

Every tool is distinguished from the other, you will have access to most of their tools by just logging into your Moz account after signing up. They are worth your money if your goal is to take your SEO optimization to the next level.

Verdict: If you are using content marketing to grow your online business and website traffic, you should try Moz tools. They help you properly optimize your website content to grow your search traffic.

Is the SEMrush tool worth paying for?

This SEMrush VS Moz review was done to give you whether these both tools are worth paying for or not. So yes, it’s worth every penny. We’re not exaggerating it but try SEMrush free for 30 days and let us know. You won’t regret buying it.

Verdict: SEMrush is the #1 tool that is highly recommended by the majority of the SEO experts. If you are on a budget and want to have access to an SEO tool that allows you to perform almost everything from finding keywords to spying on your competitor’s backlinks, try it.

Are you interested in knowing about more SEO tools, read here

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  2. SeoQuake A powerful SEO toolbox for your browser

Final Thoughts: Moz vs SEMrush SEO Tool for 2020

We know that picking one tool among SEMrush vs Moz is really hard because they both are great SEO tools. They have their own unique features and come at unique price tags.

Moz and SEMrush both are perfectly optimized SEO tools and they offer excellent features to their customers. If you are a small business owner, we’d recommend Moz because of the features it has. If you’re a blogger and marketer, give SEMrush a try, you will find it essential to growing your search traffic.

Choosing one among Moz vs SEMrush has nothing to do with your budget, Moz tools starter package starts at $99 per month whereas SEMrush comes for $99.95/mo.

Before jumping into a conclusion on which SEO tool to use, we’d highly recommend you to try them both (Moz and SEMrush).

So what are you waiting for? Try them for free and let us know the best-suited tool for your SEO in 2020. We hope you liked the comparison of SEMrush vs Moz. If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments.

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