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SiteGround vs GreenGeeks : Honest Review of Full Features9 min read

Are you wondering about the best hosting service provider? Don’t you want to settle for less? With a wide range of options available in the market, it’s very important to make a good decision. Here today, I have brought SiteGround vs GreenGeeks, one on one comparison of features and pros and cons so that you make the right choice before choosing any hosting service provider. 

SiteGround and GreenGeeks are among the best web hosting service providers in the market right now with millions of trusted customers. Both have incredible features which are quite impressive and helpful in the long run. But they do have some crucial differences which we can’t ignore.

So, let’s start our GreenGeeks vs SiteGround comparison and find out what their offerings are. 


SiteGround: Behind the Scenes

SiteGround WordPress hosting
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16 years ago from now, a hosting provider company started in 2004 in a city named Sofia (Bulgaria), and now it is one of the leading hosting service providers around the globe known for its quality services. 

It has been registered in countries like the USA, the UK, Bulgaria, and Spain, and its data centers are spread around the world. Even it’s one data center is in Asia ( Singapore). With a lot of offerings and amazing features, it is widely used by 2 million people worldwide. 

Impressive features of Siteground

Being one of the leading hosting service providers, let me show you what SiteGround is offering to its customers. Here are some features and benefits one will get with SiteGround:

  • Servers spread in three continents.
  • Automatic update for WordPress.
  • Free website transfer without any hassle.
  • Upto 40 GB SSD Storage according to the plan chosen.
  • Impressive uptime and in-built super cacher.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) and SSL certificate included.
  • Instant backup and restoration with all plans.
  • Comes with GIT integration, site staging, and WP-CLI integration.
  • 24/7 support with fast response and instant solution.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround Pricing Plans
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Startup plan

It is the basic plan which costs $6.99 monthly. It includes unlimited sub and parked domains, free email account, 10 GB web storage, hosting for one site, friendly site tools, free CDN with each account, and an anti-hack system with spam protection and daily backup, free SSH and SFTP access, and supercacher of level 1 only. You will also get options for customized server setup and HTTP/2 enabled servers.

As the name suggests, it’s a startup plan. If your business is just launching you can choose this and later upgrade as per your requirements.

GrowBig plan

This plan has a price tag of $9.99 monthly and the most recommended plan for users who are having a hard time deciding. Some features of this plan remain the same as the Startup plan like unlimited sub and parked domains, free email account, friendly site tools, free CDN with each account, and anti-hack system with spam protection and daily backup, free SSH and SFTP access. 

This plan provides 20 GB of storage, 25000 monthly visits, unlimited hosted websites, supercacher at all 3 levels, advanced on-demand backup, and staging. 

GoGreek Plan

SiteGround premium hosting costs $14.99 monthly and packed with premium features. If you have an e-commerce inventory or large data infrastructure, this plan is for you. It includes all the features of the Startup plan and GrowBig plan. What you get extra is 40 GB of storage with 10000 monthly visits. It also includes advanced priority support, white-label hosting & client management, and pre-installed Git. 

Pros & Cons of SiteGround


  • Multiple server locations in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • 99% of Uptime Guarantee with great page loading speed.
  • Comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Google cloud infrastructure.
  • Adequate customer support with less response time than other hosting providers 
  • Offers free web hosting migration
  • Free SSL certificate, PHP 7.4, and SSD hosting.


  • Data storage is limited in all plan
  • Pricing is quite high as compared to other hosting platforms
  • Limited numbers of monthly visits.

GreenGeeks: Behind the Scenes

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting
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Trey Gardner, CEO of GreenGeeks launched it in the year 2008 with a motive to support the environment. What would be your reaction if I say it is one of the leading web hosting service providers which is eco-friendly and contributing to climate change? 

These days on one hand all the servers and data centers are consuming electricity like a monster, GreenGeeks has been putting back 3 times the power consumption into the grid in the form of renewable energy. They claim your website to be a 300% green hosting platform. 

Today data centers are responsible for 2% of the total carbon emissions and it is estimated to be increased up to 14% by the end of 2040. This is where we should be more concerned about. GreenGeeks has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 and they are also working with Bonneville Environmental Foundation in Portland. 

If you care about the Earth you live in, this hosting provider makes sure you reflect that. This feature impressed me greatly and I’m surely thinking of moving on to GreenGeeks very soon.

Amazing features of GreenGeeks

Let’s see what features one can get with GreenGeeks.

  • 300% renewable energy commitment.
  • Free SSL certificate and Domain name (one year).
  • One-click WordPress installation and automatic updates.
  • Unlimited SSD Storage and 24/7 support.
  • Upto 99.9% uptime and developer-friendly.
  • Free website transfer and hosting account isolation.
  • Free nightly backup and CDN.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Leading Eco-friendly web hosting service provider.
  • LS Cache included 

GreenGeeks hosting plans

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GreenGeeks eco-friendly hosting service provider comes up with three plans for WordPress hosting. And it starts with $2.95 and goes upto $11.95 per month. 

Lite Plan

As the name recommends, it is the basic plan which costs only $2.95 per month. It is beginner-friendly so mostly recommended to those who are planning to start their website. You get only one website with unlimited data storage and transfer. Apart from this, it also includes a free SSL certificate, moneyback guarantee, unlimited email accounts, and free nightly backup. If you are a beginner it’s better to start with this plan. 

Pro Plan

Attached with the price tag of $5.85 per month this plan of GreenGeeks hosting is considered to be recommended to those who want to host multiple websites and need reliable speed. All the features like free SSL certificate, CDN, unlimited Web storage, nightly backup, email accounts, and LS Cache remain the same as the lite plan. What you get more is hosting for unlimited websites and 2x speed than the basic plan. 

Premium Plan

And here comes the third and last hosting plan for WordPress hosting which is packed with some premium features and has a price tag of $11.95 per month. If you are someone who wants to host an e-commerce site and the online store and requires a lot of traffic without lowering down the speed, this plan is suitable for you. Apart from the features of the Pro plan, it includes premium SSL, 4x performance, and free dedicated IP.

Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks


  • Free SSL certificate and CDN.
  • Unlimited SSD Storage and built-in Caching.
  • Free website migration.
  • 30 days money back guarantee and free Domain for one year.
  • 300% eco-friendly hosting service provider.
  • HTTP 3 and PHP 7 enabled for faster loading speed.
  • A handful team of professionals for customer support.


  • Setup and Domain fees aren’t refundable.
  • No website staging.
  • Misleading prices.

SiteGround vs GreenGeeks Hosting: Which is right for you?

I’ll be honest with you. It’s hard to tell which one is better because of both ranks as to hosting providers and differ very little. But it’s not hard to choose if you know your preferences.

Before you choose which one to go with let do one comparison of SiteGround vs GreenGeeks for WordPress. Things will be clear after this comparison table.

For BeginnersYesYes
Site transferFreeFree
Free SSL certificate and CDNYesYes
SecurityBest in classSatisfactory
Website StagingYesNo
Loading Speed1-2 seconds2-3 seconds
Renewal PricingUp to 3 timesAffordable
Malware scansSiteGround’s “HackAlert” is free of cost.Built-in Malware protection
PricingLittle ExpensiveVery Affordable
Customer SupportExcellentAverage
Money-back guarantee30 Days30 Days
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Disk SpaceLimitedUnlimited
FREE SEO and marketing toolsNoYes
Started in 20042008
Overall Rating(out of 10)87

Final Words 

This was our take on GreenGeeks vs SiteGround Hosting review. Both are best in their own perspective. On the one hand where SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress.org and includes some jaw-dropping features like web staging, and site transfer, and amazing website loading speed and on the other hand, GreenGeeks promises to offset carbon by 300% the power they consume in the form of renewable energy. It is an eco-friendly hosting service provider in the market. The rest of the features remain the same as SiteGround. In our comparison, SiteGround is the winner with a minute difference. 

But if requirements aren’t that high and you care for the environment, please go for GreenGeeks. This will be a small step but I’m sure you’ll feel satisfied with it.

As both of the service providers offer 30 days money-back guarantee so, why not test both of them, and then only you can find out which one is really great and suitable for you. I hope your all doubts and queries have been clear with this GreenGeeks vs SiteGround Hosting review. Still, have questions? Put it down in the comment box, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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