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SiteGround Vs NameHero: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly5 min read

In this post, I am going to personally review two web hosting platforms SiteGround and NameHero.

 I dig deep into each of the platforms to identify good, bad ( and the ugly).

This review is to compare the following features for NameHero Web hosting and SiteGround Web Hosting

  1. Uptime of the servers
  2. The loading time of the pages
  3. Migration of existing sites to hosting platform
  4. Backup of website
  5. Customer support
  6. Affordability of the hosting 

SiteGround and NameHero both comparable on features but SiteGround scores on uptime and excellent customer support. SiteGround got DataCenters at four continents while NameHero has only US Datacenter. This will impact page load speeds of non-US websites if hosted on NameHero.

So make sure you read the review until the end. That way you can make the best decision for you.


SiteGround vs NameHero Review

Let’s review the features of each web hosting provider.

NameHero Hosting Features

NameHero Hosting Features
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NameHero provides hosting plans Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting

Today, we are reviewing only web hosting plan.

There are four plans in Web hosting starting from $4.30/mo for a single website till $14.38/mo for unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth.

All plans come with FREE Domain, FREE SSL, Website Toolkit, and Security Features.   Daily backups are included in the plan.

Here is quick table of features for various plans:

Plan/FeatureStarted CloudPlus CloudTurbo CloudBusiness Cloud
No of visitors/monthly100002500050000100000
Free domain1111
SSD storage250000 inodes(files)250000 inodes(files)500000inodes(files)500000 inodes(files)
NameHero Plans Comparison

All NameHero service includes Cloud Hosting for the fast and reliable server response and their data centers are available in the US only.

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NameHero provides free website migration so don’t worry about migrating your website from another hosting provider. NameHero will take care of it. Free website migration is done within 30 days of the plan, after 30 days that can be done for a fee. 

Useful video tutorials for building websites using Drag and Drop Website Builders are available.

SiteGround Hosting Features

SiteGround Hosting Features
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SiteGround also provides different hosts in plans like Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller hosting, and Enterprise hosting.

As discussed before, we are checking web hosting features for our review.  

Web hosting plans starting with $6.99/mo for a single website to $14.99/mo for multiple websites.  Plans come with storage of 10GB to 40GB based on the plan. 

All plans come with FREE e-mail, FREE CDN, Daily Backups, FREE SSL, and Unmetered Traffic.

Let us look at the plans in brief.

No of visitors/monthly1000025000100000
Free domainNONoNo
SSD storage150000 inodes(files)300000 inodes450000 inodes
Data CenterUSA, Europe, Asia PacificUSA, Europe, Asia PacificUSA, Europe, Asia Pacific
SiteGround Plans Comparison

All plans come up with one-click installation,  daily backup, spam protection, automatic software updates, and customer support.

NameHero vs SiteGround Features Comparison

Let us compare side-by-side SiteGround and NameHero plans and see what are positive and negatives about them.  I will take plans similar to both hosting providers and compare the details.

For our purpose, we will take the Turbo Cloud plan from NameHero and GrowBig plan from Siteground as they offer unlimited website hosting.

Plan/FeaturesTurbo Cloud(NameHero)GrowBig( SiteGround)
No of Visits/monthly5000025000
DataCenterUSUSA, Europe, Asia Pacific
Free Domain10
SSD Storage500000 inodes300000 inodes
RAM3GBNot Specified directly
MigrationFreeFree with Migrator Plugin ( Paid for Professional Migration)
E-mail AccountsFREEFREE
Spam protectionYesYes
Free CDNYesYes
One click InstallationYesYes
Customer SupportYesYes
Price$9.58 ($19.95/mo without offer)$9.99($24.99/mo without offer)
side-by-side comparison

NameHero has some advantages like free domain, more features for lesser price.  SiteGround has a good reputation and has a lot of domains hosted already on its platform.  SiteGround Customer support has excellent feedback ratings.

Page load speeds are a really important factor in a website and for google rankings, Datacenter location is a crucial factor for speeds. NameHero has a datacenter only in the US but SiteGround has data centers in Four Continents.

If you look at uptime, both SiteGround and NameHero are comparable, which are confirmed by various 3rd party studies.  

If you are primarily focusing on the US market, NameHero is a good and affordable choice but has to deal with customer support issues sometimes. Their customer support is not as good as SIteGround.

If your website needs hosting from other than the US region, SIteGround is a preferred choice even though it is pricier. Features, Website Speed, and peace of mind that you have excellent support worth the extra price you pay for.

Check here to check full review of SiteGround features here


Based on the above features,  if you are hosting primarily from the US region, NameHero is an affordable choice else SiteGround wins the race.  My preferred choice is SIteGround, as it is an established provider and has excellent customer support.

What did you choose for your Webhosting? Please comment below.

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