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WP Rocket Cache Plugin Review: Make Your Site Load Fast (and Easy)9 min read

Most of the visitors hit the back button from the website if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. That means only captivating users to your site is the first critical step to make them stick to your content, and hence grow your business. You need a fast loading website. And with the help of WP Rocket, you’ll achieve it for your WordPress site.

In today’s post, I will do a WP Rocket review – a software product made to make WordPress websites load fast and check out its real-time response and its effectiveness. 

WP Rocket Plugin
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I feel so much irritation when I visit a slow loading website. And I suppose you feel it too. So, we can definitely understand how a user feels when a site he/she visits, eats their precious time. WordPress caching plays a vital role in the optimization of the site which WP Rocket provides.

You may be asking there are many other caching plugins available in the market, then why should you prefer this one above all? I am here to answer all your queries and to help you with it.

Let’s dive in.


What is WordPress Caching?

Before moving forward let me tell you what is WordPress caching and how it affects the speed of a website. In WordPress, while fetching a page or post, it needs a back and forth communication between the server. This puts loads on the server and your website gets slower than usual. 

Caching not only helps in creating the static version of your content but also boosts up the loading speed which leads up to the better performance and faster user experience. Imagine your website is loading faster than other websites, then obviously the user is going to spend more time on it and this is exactly where you’ll stop losing your money. More users = more money!

WP Rocket Review: “Wait this actually works?”

In simple words, WP Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress which enhances and improves the loading speed of the website in just a few clicks. Yup, you heard it right. It is used by a whopping over 1 million websites as of now, which means it is quite popular among the websites. 

And what makes it unique is that there is no rocket science in using this caching plugin – ah, I love its SIMPLICITY. It matters not whether you are a techie or a beginner, you can easily get started in a few steps. Once you install it on your website, all you’ve to do is configure it (this article from the official site might help you to configure it). 

Now let me show you some features and then you decide if it will help your business or not. I mean if you want more visitors on your website, it’ll definitely help.

Killer Features of WP Rocket 

Cache Plugin Comparison
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If you are to buy it anytime soon, I want you to make an informed choice. The above picture clearly shows the benefits of WP Rocket plugin over other (and perhaps not worthy) caching plugins. Certainly, if you are a beginner, there’s no harm in trying W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache but if you wanna up the ball game, think strategically.

So, first of all, let me tell you that it is not just a caching plugin, it is more than this. In brief, let me tell you how:

1. Quick Setup and Easy to Use

A very common issue people find is in setting up the plugins in WordPress. And this issue seems to be resolved when it comes to configuring WP Rocket. It takes just a few minutes. 

After buying and downloading it in a zip file. Go on your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Add Plugin’ and select ‘upload plugin’ to upload it to your WordPress site. Once you are done with uploading, click on ‘Activate Plugin’ to activate it.

Now, Simply go on its settings and configure accordingly. This is the point where most caching plugins get messy.

2. Minification

This is probably one of the amazing features of it that helps in reducing the size of image, javascript, HTML, and CSS scripts. Less data on a page will increase the loading speed and time of the site. It also deals with the removal of whitespace, line break, and extra character that makes up extra space on your website.

3. Ecommerce Friendly

If you are running your e-commerce store on WordPress site then, you are in for a treat. Generally, most of the plugins aren’t compatible with e-commerce sites but WP Rocket plugin is fully compatible with e-commerce and optimizes pages including cart, checkout, and accounts. Customers will have a great user experience which will make your site more trustworthy and reliable. It is fully compatible with e-commerce plugins like WP Shop, WooCommerce, and Jigoshop.

4. Database Optimization

With passing time, your WordPress database increases, and at a stage, it will start making your website load slower. So, here WP Rocket plays a very important role. It comes up with optimization features that wipe out drafts, spams, and older posts. The option of a manual setup (weekly or monthly) is available where you just have to set it up and it will automatically do its work periodically. This feature is loved and appreciated by many users of WP Rocket.

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5. CDN Compatibility

CDN (content delivery network) is a globally distributed network of web servers that helps in faster delivery of content. So, if you are already using any CDN service like Cloudflare or Stackpath, WP Rocket is fully compatible with most of the CDN networks out there. Using a CDN with the power of caching from WP Rocket, your site’s performance will get a serious upgrade.

Some More Lovable Features

  • Heartbeat tab
  • Add-on tabs

– Google analytics

– Facebook pixels

– Cloudflare

– Varnish

  • Cache Preloading
  • DNS prefetching
  • Mobile Detection
  • File Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • Custom Cache Lifespan
  • Web Hosting Compatibility
  • Google Fonts Optimization
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Testing WP Rocket

Now how about a test to show what it can do? With a test, things will be more clear and it will be easier for you to find out whether it is worth it or not. So, here is a test I did for my website.

Without WP Rocket
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This test clears many things and an answer to many queries which you might have. You can clearly watch the improvement in the loading speed of the website. ( Data sourced from winningwp )

Okay, So How Many Bucks?

WP Rocket WordPress plugin comes up with different price tags and the base price starts with $49. The base plan is for a single site license. The second plan is $99 which supports 3 websites. And last and the final plan comes up with a price tag of $249 where one can get benefits of a license for an unlimited number of websites.

It also comes with a no-risk money-back guarantee of 14 days. If you think it is not worth it or not beneficial to you, simply claim for money back within 14 days.

WP Rocket Price Plan
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Is it Better Than Its Alternatives?

One most common question is surely going to arise here. Whether it is better and offers great features than its alternatives? So, first, let me tell you there are already some free plugins available such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. 

Although WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache offer some pro features for free but their configuration is daunting most of the time. If user-friendliness is your thing, I doubt you’ll like these plugins. For a beginner, this is too much to take.

In terms of features, database optimization is missing from most of the free plugins.

Pros and Cons of Wp Rocket Plugin

Everything you buy has some pros and cons. Let’s look over it.


  • Simple setup and recommended for beginners
  • Cache Preloading
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Database Optimization
  • Developer & User Friendly
  • Well Designed Dashboard


  • Paid Plugin
  • Regular changes user interface

Closing Words

So, the review has made things very clear that WP Rocket WordPress plugin is not only easy to set up but also improves website loading speed with lesser time than its alternatives. Apart from this, it also offers some exciting and useful features which drive your site smoothly. Not to forget, it is compatible with most of the CDN services. You get a fantastic 24*7 customer support which is always ready to help you with your troubles. And it is also packed with tutorial videos which makes it easier for a non-techie. 

So, if you are wondering whether you should buy it or not, I would highly recommend the WP Rocket plugin. And there is the harm in trying as it comes with a 14 days money-back guarantee. Without giving it a try you wouldn’t believe it’s performance. Things come from experiences.

I suppose this WP Rocket review has been helpful to you. And if you have any questions regarding, feel free to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it offer a free trial?

No, it doesn’t offer any free trial. But it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Can I upgrade my plan/ license?

Yes, anyone who wants to use WP Rocket plugin in more than one site, he can si.ole upgrade his plan by paying the required amount.

Is coding required to use the WP Rocket plugin?

Not at all. You don’t require the coding skill to use this plugin. It is quite easy to use that even a beginner and a non-techie can use.

How to update the latest version of the WP Rocket plugin?

If any new version is released, you will be notified and you get an option to update. So, it is very simple to update to the latest version.

If you have any questions regarding any tip, you can simply ask me in the comment section below. Happy blogging!
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